SpaceFN – greatly improve text typing and editing

SpaceFN is keyboard layout that with most part is no different from normal layout, with one exception when you press and hold Space key it becomes function key that will reveal many keys right under your hands without moving them, eg. arrows keys.

Configuration on windows
Configuration on mac – in progress (check later)

Here’s basic layer:

And my SpaceFN(PC) layer:

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Coloring Code in Visual Studio (Syntax Highlighting)


For me syntax highlight is one of most important programing improvements, almost as important as IntelliSense. Where IntelliSense is major for writing and syntax highlight is major for reading code.

Here is an example of what I’m talking about:

Code might be very complex and every facilitation are needed. Eg. Someone could write  priceChange(price); you see braces you could think that it is a method, even if you suspect it could be some event you could not be sure unless you could distinguish them by color.
Other example you see some variable how to recognize is it a field, property, local variable without searching into code? Yes by it’s color.

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