Unity Script Templates

It’s feature that almost every Unity user used but not everyone realize it’s full potential.
So what exactly we are talking about?
The “Create Asset Menu” that can be opened in few different ways like:

  • Top bar “Assets” menu
  • Project window -> “Create” button
  • Project window -> right mouse button and by selecting “Create”

Almost every time we want to add some logic to our game we open “Create Asset Menu” and click on “C# Script” that looks like this:

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;

public class #SCRIPTNAME# : MonoBehaviour {

    // Use this for initialization
    void Start () {
    // Update is called once per frame
    void Update () {

And while it’s your first steps with Unity that comment lines with explanation what is Start & Update might be nice? When you’re already in for months or years you can be already really bored of deleting them…

But it’s really easy to remove that comments and do many more things, like: modifying any current template, adding own templates eg. scriptable object or custom inspector, adding sub category for templates.

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Unity Prefabs Browser

For a long time I was thinking of making a tool that would allow me to edit prefabs without adding them to the scene window. I wanted something similar to Prefabs in UE4 (3:15) :

But according to the principle: “Think Big, Start Small”, for now I’ve just extend possibility to edit prefab children beyond first nesting of children.

You can check the source here:

If You want to create similar EditorWindow or even better don’t forget to check out Unity Documentation for TreeView:

Unity Python Console

I’ve made a simple Python console for Unity. Partly for fun and partly as a basis for a future project.
You can pretty much execute any method from project, and even write your own.

Project have basic functions:
– resizable input
– resizable console with ability to choose log type
– there is also component with Update & FixedUpdate handlers

You can see some example here:

Here is GitHub repo if you want to test it:

And some help and examples:

Quick Start Racing Game

Randomation Vehicle Physics is one more asset on github I found accidentally. And was amazed by it’s features.


Some of them:

  • Modular vehicle system allows for many configurations.
  • Includes damage system with mesh deformation and detachable parts.
  • Gearbox and continuously variable transmissions with automatic and manual variants.
  • Handles nearly any shape of terrain and surfaces, plus moving platforms.
  • Stunt and drift detection with the generation of a string showing the current stunt combo.
  • Includes module for basic waypoint and following AI.
  • Configurable surface properties that effect tire marks and friction for mud, ice, dirt, etc.
  • Simply drop in your own vehicle models, adjust the wheels, and watch them drive.

You can see it in action here:

It contains 2 configured and ready to go viehicles: Muscle car and Fancy Kart and 16 placeholders ready to swap graphics and go.

Link to github:

It’s not actively developed and last commit is 4 months from now but have no errors when I open project in Unity 2017.2.

Author page:

Keijiro Takahashi & Seiya Ishibashi Unity assets (free)

I was just searching google for some visualization of “Github for Unity” asset.

As expected just few pictures of what I was looking for, a lot of using Unity + Git, and some blogs. But one picture caught my attention:

Well this looks really cool, but surrounded by git pictures it was so amazing I just have to check it out. And what was my surprise when I discover long list of github repositories with awesome assets for Unity! It was on reddit post.
I pase here copy of the post with list and links.
I encourage you to check it out.
One that I like is Sonar that in the basic is one c# script + one shader.

Most of assets are made by Keijiro Takahashi, and few by Seiya Ishibashi.
Amazing job guys! Thanks so much for all this!

Project/Asset Description Screenshot/Gif
MassParticle *Not Keijiro’s project! It’s Seiya Ishibashi Particle Plugin for Unity. gif
BatchRenderer *Not Keijiro’s project! It’s Seiya Ishibashi script that allows you to draw a large number of objects in Unity Screenshot
Unity5Effects *Not Keijiro’s project! It’s Seiya Ishibashi Bunch of great fx for Unity5, including screen space shadows, screenspace reflections Too many screenshots 10K reddit word limit
DeferredAO SSAO image effect for deferred shading screenshot
KinoVignette Natural vignetting effect for Unity screenshot
KinoFringe Chromatic aberration image effect for Unity screenshot1 screenshot2
KinoBokeh Fast DOF filter with hexagonal shaped apertures gif1 gif2
KinoBinary 1-bit monochrome image effect for Unity gif
KinoMirror Mirroring and kaleidoscope effect for Unity gif
KvantSwarm GPU accelerated swarm behavior simulation gif screenshot1 screenshot 2 screenshot3 screenshot4
ShadowDrawer Shadow matte shader for Unity screenshot
KvantWall A GPU accelerated object array animator for Unity gif
OscJack A class library for handling OSC over UDP input in Unity screenshots
PerlinNoise Perlin noise generator for Unity screenshot
KvantSpray A GPU accelerated mesh particle system for Unity screenshot
Reaktion Audio reactive animation toolkit for Unity gif1 gif2 gif3
KvantTunnel GPU accelerated fractal tunnel renderer for Unity gif screenshot
KinoGlitch Video glitch effects for Unity gif1 gif2 gif3
KinoFog Global fog effect for Unity screenshot
KinoContour Contour line filter for Unity screenshot gif
FadeToSkybox Fade-to-skybox fog effect for Unity screenshot
MidiJack MIDI input plugin for Unity gif
KvantLattice A GPU accelerated fractal terrain renderer for Unity gif
ImageSequenceOut Image sequence output utility for Unity (Game Recorder) screenshot
KvantStream A simple GPU particle system for Unity screenshot
TriplanarPBS A physically based shader with triplanar mapping (Unity 5) screenshot
ChromaPack ChromaPack — A lossy texture compression plugin for Unity. screenshot
Retro3D A shader that imitates low grade 3D graphics. gif
SpriteOutlineFx Outline image effect for 2D sprites. screenshot
ColorSuite Multifunctional color adjustment plugin for Unity. screnshot1 screenshot2 screenshot3
MoonAndEarth Realistic Moon and Earth for Unity screenshot
AotsMovieTexture Alpha-On-The-Side movie texture shader for Unity. screensoht
AsciiArtFx ASCII art image effect for Unity screenshot
SpriteShadow Drop shadow shader for sprite objects. gif
RippleEffect Water surface ripple effect for Unity screenshot
GyroCam Quasi-AR with gyroscopic input gif
HexBokeh An image effect simulating depth of field with hexagonal apertures screenshot
Unity MIDI Bridge A C# plug-in for Unity that provides APIs for communicating with MIDI devices screenshot
SonarFx Sonar effect for Unity gif
SlicerFx Surface Slicing Full Screen Effect gif
Fragments Fragment mesh objects for particle effects in Unity gif
Depthcue A kind of depth cueing vfx. screenshot
Lasp Low-latency audio streaming plugin for Unity screenshot
UnitySkyboxShaders Simple and easy-to-use skybox shaders. screenshot
CIESkyboxShaders This project is an attempt to create skybox shaders based on the CIE sky models. sceenshot
SketchyFx Sketch filter with the standard image effects screenshot
VinylGrooveShader Vinyl record groove shader screenshot
Boids Flocking behavior simulation (Unity) vimeo
GalaxyBox An arbitrary rotatable skybox shader for Unity. Vine
ProbePolisher Light probe editor for Unity. screenshot
UnityRefractionShader Pseudo refraction shader for Unity. screenshot
UnityBasicTransitionFx Simple fading effects for Unity. no screenshot
AudioJack External Audio Analyzer for Unity screenshot
smflite A minimal class library for handling standard MIDI files on Unity. screenshot
unity-sunburst-effects Sunburst effects with mesh animation (Unity, C#) screenshot
unity-deferred-shadow-color Shows how to change the shadow color in the deferred lighting mode. screenshot1 screenshot2


Carts Showreel

Effect of testing unity Timeline with Cinemachine plugin
The idea was born when I was searching for some way to transport a lot of tree logs. From my research before Industrial Revolution people was using draft animals to pull some vehicles like carts.
So i looked through assetstore for suitable vehicle, and I started to feel like I was in some kind of fashion show.
If you also want to experience it you can watch my video.

Unity Prefab Brush Tool

Simple tool for placing many environment prefabs into scene.
There are some already on Assetstore like:
but since it took 2-4h to make and since i make it myself I know all code, features and can easy extend it.
Also I’ve added feature that didn’t see in other assets which is selecting brush that I’ve use to select all instances of prefab and mess with them.