Jack Lumberjack First Look!

First early gameplay video of Jack Lumberjack is here!

I dug through tons of assets for some cool graphics that is matching style of game, and just today added Post Processing Stack which made it looks so cool that I wanted to share it with you. If you like it leave a comment! Thanks.

Unity Prefab Brush Tool

Simple tool for placing many environment prefabs into scene.
There are some already on Assetstore like:
but since it took 2-4h to make and since i make it myself I know all code, features and can easy extend it.
Also I’ve added feature that didn’t see in other assets which is selecting brush that I’ve use to select all instances of prefab and mess with them.

Hello world!

Hi, I’m solo Game Developer that want to try make living with creating games.
Professionally I’ve worked for 2 years as Unity Developer, but has to quit to try make something myself since my head explode with many ideas and when i worked for someone i started to feel like a bird in cage.
So now I want to try my luck with flying, and check if it’s something for me.
I have already two projects one game “Jack Lumberjack” and one learning application “Anatomy+”, my plan is to start with making game to a point that i’ll be able to sell it in store, want to start with ich.io and gamejolt, and check if will be able to earn some money with it.
Currently I’m learning and making some procedural meshes, so posts about that may appear here.
That was just some boring intro that I just wanted to have behind, hope future posts will be more interesting, so please don’t quit after that one ;p