SpaceFN – Windows Configuration

For PC SpaceFN I use TouchCursor that I mention in previous post.

It has few self explanatory options

The only one that is not obvious is Training mode which “Disables the real cursor keys to encourage you to learn to use cursor mode” as hover tool-tip says.

Using the program is trivial just press “Add…” button to show edit window

In most cases You just select text field and press key that You want to assign. But if you could not do that, eg. Escape key close window there are “…” button next to both text fields that allow to assign key from list.

There is also Programs card that allow to Disable or Enable TouchCursor only in selected programs

But I personally don’t use that feature since in all programs I want to use SpaceFN and in games I just turn off TouchCursor. Also for me it don’t really worked to disable it in games, it works great in windows applications and has really cool choosing app tool but has some problems with games.

Here’s my config:

Download link:

(Post written and edited using TouchCursor;)

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