Quick Start Racing Game

Randomation Vehicle Physics is one more asset on github I found accidentally. And was amazed by it’s features.


Some of them:

  • Modular vehicle system allows for many configurations.
  • Includes damage system with mesh deformation and detachable parts.
  • Gearbox and continuously variable transmissions with automatic and manual variants.
  • Handles nearly any shape of terrain and surfaces, plus moving platforms.
  • Stunt and drift detection with the generation of a string showing the current stunt combo.
  • Includes module for basic waypoint and following AI.
  • Configurable surface properties that effect tire marks and friction for mud, ice, dirt, etc.
  • Simply drop in your own vehicle models, adjust the wheels, and watch them drive.

You can see it in action here:

It contains 2 configured and ready to go viehicles: Muscle car and Fancy Kart and 16 placeholders ready to swap graphics and go.

Link to github:

It’s not actively developed and last commit is 4 months from now but have no errors when I open project in Unity 2017.2.

Author page:

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