Artificial Intelligence, Bill Gates and Games

I’ve just watching one of Evan Carmichael videos, one of 10 rules series and youtube suggest me Interview with Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, and one minute of that interview really catch my attention, it was 00:09:00 (from original video) when Charlie Rose the interviewer ask Bill about his interest in AI.
Here’s just that part:

And here’s text version:

– [Charlie Rose] You have a passion for artificial intelligence, you do.

– [Bill Gates] Yeah it’s the ultimate dream, when you start working on software, is the kind of deep understanding the intelligence that humans have. So it’s been the holy grail when can the computer learn to play games, when can the computer learn to read, when can it understand speech. And things like speech and vision have mad such progress in recent years. I mean, you’ve been tracking this and exposing your viewers to some of it, because I can’t overstate that even for people in the field, it’s a pretty magical time.

– [Charlie Rose] And it’s potential is to do what? Change everything?

– [Bill Gates] Well, in the first instance, to be the best assistant ever, to look at all your information and help you know in the few minutes between meeting what you should look at, or when you’re trying to plan a trip, organize things, to be a much, much, much better assistant than it is today. And then, eventually, certain mechanical tasks like warehouse work or driving, that it would take that over. But for intellectual work, it will just magnify the creativity and make your time more valuable.

I have to say that I share his opinion about AI being holy grail with it’s potential to learn to read, speech and even play games. And for me, as someone in games industry with interest in AI, that reference about computer learn to play a game was really inspiring.

And it reminds me of that video

where AI (MarI/O) plays Mario, and how I would like to participate in the improvement of AI and made some cool AI learning and playing games on my own.

Other interesting example is AI in Flappy Bird that You can find here:

What is cool about both of that examples is that there are sources links in descriptions.

Also talking about AI and games I would not be able not to mention about OpenAI from Elon Musk’s that beat Dota 2 pro player. And it is a big hit because controlls and situations on the field are way more complicated than any other game I’ve seen was played by AI, also worth to mension about Google AI called DeepMind beating Go game which many says that computer could not learn to play.
More in here:

Quick Start Racing Game

Randomation Vehicle Physics is one more asset on github I found accidentally. And was amazed by it’s features.


Some of them:

  • Modular vehicle system allows for many configurations.
  • Includes damage system with mesh deformation and detachable parts.
  • Gearbox and continuously variable transmissions with automatic and manual variants.
  • Handles nearly any shape of terrain and surfaces, plus moving platforms.
  • Stunt and drift detection with the generation of a string showing the current stunt combo.
  • Includes module for basic waypoint and following AI.
  • Configurable surface properties that effect tire marks and friction for mud, ice, dirt, etc.
  • Simply drop in your own vehicle models, adjust the wheels, and watch them drive.

You can see it in action here:

It contains 2 configured and ready to go viehicles: Muscle car and Fancy Kart and 16 placeholders ready to swap graphics and go.

Link to github:

It’s not actively developed and last commit is 4 months from now but have no errors when I open project in Unity 2017.2.

Author page: